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Vocabulary on Diamonds

diamond /ˈdaɪəmənd/ - алмаз, бриллиант 

the Orlov Diamоnd - бриллиант "Орлов" 

rough stone - необработанный алмаз 

 carat/ˈkærət/ - карат 

facet - грань 

shape - форма 

tint - цвет, оттенок 

clarity - чистота 

the Diamond Fund/fʌnd/ - Алмазный Фонд 

indentation /ˌɪndenˈteɪʃən/ - вмятина 

blemish - недостаток, изъян, крапинка 

The Orlov is mounted in the Imperial Sceptre, made during the reign of Catherine the Great (1762-96). Its weight has been recorded as 189.62 metric carats and it measures 47.6 mm in height, 31.75 mm in width, and 34.92 mm in length. The clarity is typical of the finest Indian diamonds and its color possesses a slight bluish-green tint. The shape of the diamond has been described as resembling half a pigeon's egg and its upper surface is marked by concentrated rows of triangular facets, with corresponding four-sided facets appearing on the lower surface. The total number of facets is roughly 180. On one side of the diamond there exists a slight indentation.

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